Arrived. Snowing. Cold.

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Finally! I arrived in Banff yesterday, after a long, bumpy bus ride. There were all of five people on a huge coach bus, so we managed to space ourselves out fairly well. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all – just long, and I was cold.

Arrived and managed to haul my bag to my room without being mauled by elk or wild squirrels. I actually only saw two elk on the way in, but I’m pretty scared of them. Those buggers. I’m sure they could do nasty things to you if they wanted.

As you can see, I managed to get some sock knitting done on the trip:

And this is the obligatory picture of my id card. I must admit – the card is rather loud in announcing a person’s status here. ARTIST. I’m not sure if I feel quite that way, but, hey…it’s nice:

This is the view from the room. Rather scenic!

Feeling that all was right with the world, I turned the laptop on. Horrors!

I’m of the opinion that no wireless constitutes a cruel situation to find one’s self in. Surely. What made it worse was that late in the evening, a public network appeared on the list of available networks…but could not connect. The nearest access point is here in the basement, in the Paul D. Fleck library. I took myself down to the writer’s lounge and discovered another wireless-less person huddled in the hallway, having found a spot that seemed to pick up a signal. Didn’t last, though, and I didn’t want to push her over to take the magical signal point.

On my way back to the room, a guy passing by commented that there seemed to be a wireless signal in the first floor lobby. It was a bit too late to go down and try.

But. This just proves something: I’m not the only one dragging my laptop around with a forlorn expression. Wireless! Give us wireless!

(ps: this connection is so shoddy that I’m afraid to run a spellcheck. So if there are typos…well…sorry.)

(another postscript, as I edit out embarrassing typos: I’m happy that I can at least get this crummy signal. At least I don’t have to sit at a public terminal – they have those plastic covers over the keys. Yuck!)