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O-o-kay. Lesson learned. When posting from the library, and cannot get any sound from the laptop, reboot before you get a blue screen and a ‘dump’ report. Not sure what happened or why, but a complete power down seems to have solved the problem. Talk about scary…having weird things happen on the laptop when dad (aka tech support) is several hundred kilometers away!

As I was saying…I am pretty much settled into Banff, and things are going well. Have actually managed to get some work done, which is encouraging. The wireless signal is much better this morning, too.

Yesterday, I woke up to snow and the sound of the sidewalk being cleared. As you can see, it was pretty:

but chilly:

And frosty:

The snow stopped about mid-afternoon. It’s incredible to see how quickly the landscape was transformed – if you compare today’s pics to yesterday’s, you’ll see what I mean. Though the difference is more marked if you’re actually here.

It’s dark here at night.

Seriously, though, not that dark. The camera can’t pic up the lights from the Donald Cameron Hall, across the road. The lights on the pine trees are nice…makes the view pretty at night.

I had dinner last night with a playwright from Argentina, a composer from Washington, and a performance artist from Toronto. You’d think the conversation would have been more artsy, but we ended up talking about how easy it is to be all lonely and sad (except for the musicians – they seem to make friends or have friends wherever they go) and how we’d all whacked ourselves on the deadly floating shelves in our rooms (which are situated over the desks, with the corner right above the baseboard outlet you’d normally plug a laptop into).

Quite fun. I’m making decent progress on the story, which is excellent.