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Dad’s getting his blog up and running. At the moment, it’s hosted on Blogspot, but I think he’ll probably move it over. Not sure. But go and visit!

The weather in Banff unexpectedly changed to warm, but the forecast is calling for cold and snow for the weekend. I’m learning that the weather in Banff is much like it is in Calgary: unpredictable at best. I went to see a Leighton Studio this morning with the Argentine playwright, Matias Feldman. The studio is fantastic…now I want to apply for a Leighton residency. I don’t think I have enough standing in my field to do it yet, though. But I hope the time will come.

Got to hear part of his new play, too – in translation – which was very cool. I haven’t run into too many writers yet, as the place seems to be crawling with musicians, so the chance to sit and talk about writing was very much welcome.

Pics. Well, I haven’t taken quite so many lately, but here are a couple more:

Sunset a couple days ago:

and the next morning:

It seems like this week has really gone by quickly. I should have come for longer; I’m sure of that now. At times, I feel completely out of my league…don’t know the music that’s discussed at dinner, the writers that are mentioned, don’t travel or tour or have a grad degree. On the other hand, I think I’m something of an enigma to the musicians, who seem to think that I’m ‘not like’ the other writers they’ve met…but in a good way. So not being artsy to the extreme isn’t a terrible thing…I like to think of myself as being pretty down to earth. Seems to fit with me working on urban fantasy instead of literary fiction.

Two and a half more days left. It’s been really great so far.