Saturday again

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I think the recurrent blue screen crashes have something to do with IRQ channel usage. I actually managed to read the entire message before the laptop wanted to reboot, and googled when things were back up and running. My guess is that listening to music recorded with SonicStage is conflicting with something else. Looking at my system profile, it seems that a lot of things are sharing channel 11. Have no idea what this means. Probably not anything spectacularly bad, but it’s disconcerting to have system errors without really knowing why.

So: the quick fix for now is to avoid listening to music and surfing the web at the same time, because the D-Link card uses channel 11, as does the internal Centrino card and a host of USB things.

The weather is still odd. Very windy last night – the musicians were walking down to Banff to go to a free concert that some of them were playing, so I tagged along. Apparently, it was so windy in Banff that officials were asking people to beware of falling trees in the park. Didn’t see anything like that, though I was almost beaned by a falling pinecone.

Came back and finished knitting a pair of socks for my niece that are very posh looking. I called my parents to assure them that I’m still alive and not about to run off and join a band. I think they’re surprised that I’m having such a good time (the last residency, two years ago, was a bust and I wanted to leave early). And no, I’m not drinking or partying…in fact, I’m usually back in my room for the night by about nine thirty or so. The party scene lost its appeal years ago.

I think it’s because there are a lot of people like me out here. People who are introverted and thinking strange things, and can have dinnertime discussions about composers and the best way to pick up a date at yoga, and then go right on to talking about pieces for prepared piano and if we should stay for the Brahms portion of the evening’s concert (not everybody did – I came back early to work/knit, and a couple of other people came back to practice or work).

It wouldn’t be fair to say that there’s no snobbery or cliques here. There is…there would have to be, I think, in any kind of artists’ centre. But there’s a general air of acceptance for oddity and a kind of band-camp atmosphere. Most of us are here to work, and we’re all doing our own things. Nobody pulls a funny face or laughs if you’re a writer or a poet, or a musician…or whatever. To have so many ‘arties’ concentrated in one spot is pretty unique, I think, because I’ve never really seen it anywhere else.

At any rate…I’ve had a great week, and yeah, I’m ready to go home (must do laundry!). I definitely could have stayed longer, I think, though I won’t regret only coming for the week. It’s time to go back to Calgary and resume the normal routines.