It was a dark and stormy night…

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Well, not really. A thunderstorm just finished blowing through. I discovered that I am not the only one that heads to the writer’s lounge to watch storms. I am, however, the only one that brought a camera, which made me feel all clever and chipper.

The storm’s mostly gone, but I can still hear thunder, so I’m running off battery power. I hear that one of the buildings was struck by lightening a few weeks ago, and I could see the nearby mountain (I think it was Sulphur Mountain, but I can’t be sure) getting strikes tonight. One power surge could really ruin a girl’s vacation.

Today was largely uneventful. I didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked, so I overslept this morning…missing the much-vaunted breakfast buffet. Eating breakfast late meant that I wasn’t hungry for lunch until two, which threw off the dinner schedule…so I’ve been in a state of appetite limbo for the day. I’ll try to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

When I go away, I fill little containers with soap and shampoo and the such. You know…it saves space, and you’re not lugging around a full bottle…right? When I got up to take my shower this morning, I discovered that I had filled liquid soap into a little container that already had hair conditioner in it. The result is something that looks a bit like runny cottage cheese. It’s soapy, slippery, and no good for hair and leaves the bottoms of your feet much too slick to make it advisable for bathtime.

You can’t spend a week out in the mountains and not have hair conditioner. I have lots of soap (two bottles’ worth, in fact).

So I took a walk down to the Body Shop. I came back with ‘olive glossing’ shampoo and conditioner. I hope it’s better than the copywriter who worked on the label, which says ‘has your hair lost it’s gloss?’ Sigh.

Perhaps I’ll have a more productive day tomorrow. So far, I’ve opened three files to peer at what I wrote a while ago, opened five blank files and eventually closed them again, and caught up on my blog reading. I figure I’m still getting into the vacation vibe.