Snow! Well, high up there.

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I’ve discovered that on some mornings, there’s free coffee in the lobby of Lloyd Hall. I haven’t figured out the logic of it…sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. A bit like my Sunday edition of the New York Times, which inexplicably appeared on the doorstep at home yesterday (so it was reported to me), yet fails to arrive when I am home and awaiting it.


It rained last night. I spent a rather uneventful day – there was a troupe of dancers on the same floor as me (bah!) that stayed up pretty late on Saturday…subsequently, so did I, though I grouched out and called the front desk to have somebody go by and tell them to be quiet. Apparently, quite a few of them had very early flights home, and had decided to just stay up.

Needless to say, Sunday was a quiet and sleepy day for me. The artists seem to have cleared out of the Banff Centre, because there’s four of us (sometimes five) at the dinner table, and almost forty scientists at the other. Seriously. We artists are afraid to join the scientists, because they outnumber us. Almost ten scientists per artist…what a concept.

So. The rain. Yes. It was a really chilly, damp day on Sunday, so I didn’t really go walking or take pictures…there’s only so many artsy pics you can take of clouds, you know? I think it stopped raining sometime in the middle of the night, and the temperature took a dip, because I woke up around five to close the window. When I got myself up and around, I took Dad’s camera (I’m still being really careful with it!) and headed out to look around.

And I found…snow on the peaks! Snow! The low tonight is -2oC!

Artsy picture of Rundle Mountain. Note the artsy cloud:

Second artsy picture with said cloud:


And another picture of snow:

As you can see, I’ve learned to use the zoom feature on Dad’s camera and that I don’t need to just resize the picture in Adobe. Neat!