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Just looking at the ID card makes me grin.

I’ve made it to the Banff Centre. To my chagrin, there is some major construction near the building I’m staying in…but I’ve been placed in a room that’s pointed away from the noise, so it’s pretty darn quiet. I even have a balcony. I must be moving up in the world. I’m starting to write a bit, but the first evening into a residency, I’ve discovered, is more for schlepping around with a coffee, looking at things and staring at the mountains.

No sign of Jay Ingram yet. I’m just starting to look for him. He wasn’t in the library when I went to get my card started up again. Nor was he at the Kiln, buying licorice. No matter. I have a plan. I brought my Firefly dvds with me, and I’ll bet a showing of them in the lounge will flush him out.

And if not…I’ve got licorice and movies. What else would I need?