This morning’s walk.

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Before the saga of the shawl pinning, I went for a walk. It must have been about ten in the morning (thereabouts), and I didn’t leave the campus. I’ve got some great photos to post over the next few weeks, but I wanted to post the wildlife shots I got this morning. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. I don’t think National Geographic will be calling me anytime soon.

I’m not too sure what that is. Maybe some kind of weasel thing? It was about as big as a cat, and it made little growlie-gruntie noises.

It was pretty neat looking. It came towards me, but I thought it best to back off a bit. I could just see the headlines: ‘girl savaged by cute wild animal no bigger than a shoebox.’ Yeah. I’m not going to go there.

This shot is pretty fuzzy, too – I took it from the elevator:

Pretty neat, eh? The fawns still have those little spots on their back.

The weather has cleared today…yesterday was very, very smoky. Fortunately, the smoke seems to have moved on.

Edit – 3:59 pm

Apparently, the mystery creature from this morning was a pine marten. Neat! More wildlife was observed this afternoon:

Clearly not a savage creature.