Hornèd deer, pictures, and more.

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I’m liking the whole artist colony thing. I mean, I say this just about every time I come to the Banff Centre, but I really do enjoy the atmosphere. You meet some interesting people, and you have some fascinating conversations at dinner. Not always the most appropriate, but often fascinating.

It’s been quite warm today. There’s a chinook wind, and as you might guess, it’s also quite windy.

...but a windy day!

It was warm enough to sit outside without a jacket, but there were deer where I wanted to sit. Big deer with horns.

More on-campus deer.

And more deer where I would have gone to sit since the hornèd deer was scaring me.

On campus deer.

So I walked around for a bit.

Token artsy shot.

This is Lloyd Hall, where the artists live.

Good old Lloyd Hall.

This is my room, where I live.

My room at the Banff Centre.

We had a fire drill today.

Fire drill today.

I left before the drill started.


This is the hallway in the Vistas dining room. It’s artsy.


The food is also quite good.

Writing like this makes me feel like I’m in a Phillip Glass piece.

I think I’m settled into the groove here. I’m writing more than I would have expected, and if I can sustain that energy, I’ll be coming home with a lot of manuscript to work with through the year.

And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow night!