At work.

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I think it must be some kind of weird electronics thing. First, the speaker batteries died. Then I realized that I’d come without my iPod cable. Then the anti-virus software expired (and me without a new key). Now the camera batteries are dead.

So. I made a trip into town à la Amazing Race – ‘keep the meter running; I’ll be right back!’ – to buy another iPod cable. Now I have three. Next, spent too much money on batteries for the speaker (which plugs into the iPod). Next, downloaded new anti-virus software, all the while biting nails, and installed (and did full scan, just in case. Whew!). And finally, took camera batteries, which weren’t truly dead, despite camera’s assertion that they are so, put into speaker, and placed outlandishly priced Banff batteries into camera.

I will have to be sparing with my photos.

At work.