Thanks heavens for the audio-visual department.

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Well, fortunately for me, the audio-visual department has a number of NiMH chargers available, and my batteries are plugged into a charger in their offices. They’ll need to charge overnight, but at least I’ll be able to keep taking pictures.


I’ve finished two short stories now, and I’m revising one of them at the moment. My aim is still for five in total, but I think there will be time.

I’ve also finished knitting a pair of socks, and I’m halfway done a pair of mittens for mom. My traveling yarn stash is holding up well, though. And…there’s a mountain craft show here tomorrow. I had a look at the vendors list, and Camelot Haven Alpaca Farm will be there. Yes. Yarn sellers. Coming to where I am. Come to me, alpaca yarn…come to me!

Sadly, few of the artists here seemed to share my visible cheer at the prospect of yarn arriving on campus. Alas. With any luck, though, I’ll have pictures.