Fully charged!

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Guess whose batteries are fully charged?

Windy me!

Mine! And the camera. I’m feeling great. I had a good sleep, I’m getting a ton of writing done, and I’m just really having a good time. I miss Mom and Dad, and the cats, of course, but I’m really happy to be here, too.

I stopped in at the Banff Mountain Festival Craft sale, and had a look around.

Banff Mountain Festival Craft Sale.

I picked up some yarn (yay!) of unknown yardage (boo!). The sellers were very nice, but apparently, they just skein by weight. Sigh.


So I have 200 grams of some three ply marled yarn – enough for mittens and a hat, I think, and 222 grams of a two-ply alpaca that’s somewhere between fingering weight and lace weight. It’s very soft and lofty. It’s quite a big skein, too, so I’m guessing…about eight hundred meters? Maybe? I have no real way of knowing. It’s wonderfully soft, though, and I think I will do a stole/scarf out of it…something where I can stop when I start running out of yarn.

Then I had lunch, and headed out for a walk. It’s cold out today! And very windy. There’s a nice lookout point above Bow Falls, complete with dead serious signs with little stick men falling over the edge.


The Bow River is a fairly swift river, and Bow Falls is a waterfall that has rapids running over limestone ridges before dropping. It’s not a particularly tall waterfall, but it’s still dangerous. The water is very, very cold, too.


Which is why I was aghast when I saw this:


See? Look carefully. Besides the person sitting on the ridge, there’s a guy near the upper left corner taking pictures.

The stupid things people do.

You know, I understand that a great photograph is…well, great. But doing something so obviously foolhardy just makes me wonder what side of stupid these people woke up on.

Incredibly dangerous and stupid.

Seriously. Life is just way too short to take risks just for a good picture. That’s what Photoshop is for!