Power failure!

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The perfect way to wake up in the morning: to the sound of a fire alarm drying and then a catastrophic power failure.

Power failure!

Eeek! The zombies are coming! The aliens are coming! This is the part of the movie when you should cover your eyes! Don’t go out there! Don’t!

Going in...

“They cut the power.”

“Whaddya mean ‘they cut the power?’ How could they cut the power, man?? They’re animals!”

Power failure!

Well, not quite aliens. Apparently a suicidal squirrel took a leap from this mortal coil into the nether world…and a power transformer. Most of the townsite lost power, and all of the campus. We were out for about forty minutes or so. It’s a good thing that I unplug my power cords and such, because I heard there was a power surge just before the outage.

Anyhow. Writing = going well. Sleeping = going well. Avoiding zombies = also going well.