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My bags are packed – I go home tomorrow. It’s been a really good residency. I’m just finishing up my fourth short story…it’s got about another hour or two to go, and I’ll be able to bring it to a close. My original goal was five, but I’m not sure if I will be able to make it.

I’ve had a pretty good time, despite a phantom cigarette smoker on the floor (not allowed), noisy people in the room next to me (not allowed), and various problems with batteries for the camera (not allowed).


There have been plenty of interesting people to meet, including blogless Katie and Eric (get a blog, you guys!). Tons of artists, somebody who lives down the street from a cousin I’ve never met, and an untold number of Australian students doing work abroad programs. Apparently, they don’t do Halloween in Australia. Tragic!


And so, the fifth residency is coming to a close. I wonder what will be for dinner tonight?

More moutains.

Happy halloween!