Wrapping up.

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Everything seems to be going into my suitcase better than it did when I packed to come here. How is that? Did everything suddenly condense?

Ah, well. There was more snow last night:

From my window this morning.

That’s the view from my window this morning. If I’d been up a little bit earlier, I’m told that I would have seen the whiteout conditions.

I had breakfast. This is the dining hall.

The dining room.

It’s quite posh, and the view is wonderful.

View from the dining room.

So is the food – I had eggs, bacon, and waffles for breakfast. Tons of coffee. Orange juice. And now I’m quite full. I was able to say goodbye to Katie, Elinor, and to Leslie (who gave me a print from her photography work since I knitted her a pair of socks!), but missed Eric (sorry!) who had left to start practicing.

I have a few library books to return, and then I’m going to see about using up the last of my flexible meal spending account. I’ve been getting a lot of gum. And chocolate bars.

Goodbye, Banff!