Guess the size of my post-vacation inbox.

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Whew. I’m finally all unpacked and the laundry is done. I don’t go back to work until Tuesday, but there’s a sick part of me that’s curious to see just how many emails are sitting in my work inbox.

Perfect call for a blog contest, isn’t it?

So: here you go. Leave a comment with your guess (don’t forget to leave your email address!). The person closest to the actual number that is in my inbox, post spam-sweep, wins a one year subscription to One Story Magazine and Kaleidotrope.

To help you with your guess…

  • I work for a large organization.
  • I’ve been on vacation since September 28 (sweet, eh? I’ve been using up overtime accrued over the last year).
  • Email is the preferred method of communication for many of my clients. I don’t have voicemail and left my phone forwarded to the main office number.
  • Email is also used for major organizational announcements, events listings, and inter-departmental communication.
  • I cleared my inbox before I left, and I only checked my email once while on holidays.

Start your guessing!

The count will be done on Tuesday morning. I’ll take a screenshot to show the count. Even I don’t know how many emails I have!