Snowfall and blogiversary.

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It’s my fourth blogiversay! Neat!

We had snow this morning! The aunties and grandma to the east are in the tail end of a hurricane (they’re all fine; we called this morning) but we’re having snow.


Does this mean that autumn is over? Possibly.


I’m going to start work on typing up story I wrote in Banff. I handwrote everything this time, and I’ve got pages of work to begin to transfer over to keyboard. I think the act of writing makes the composition more organic somehow. Perhaps it’s because I type quickly, and when I’m working at the computer, the ‘sentence in my head’ is moving from brain to fingertips without a gap. No delay. But when I’m writing by hand, the distance between what I’m thinking and what’s emerging on the page is greater. I have to slow my thinking down somewhat, and as my hand catches up, I’ve already begun to reframe the sentence.

Does that make sense? It does to me. Everybody works differently, I know. But writing by hand also gives me a chance to indulge my paper snobbery and also my pen fetish. My new fountain pen is finally saturated with ink, and I’m writing with it this morning…heavenly!

Morning snow.

It’s a perfect day to be inside, writing. But I think I’ll take a walk in the snow later on.

PS – still time to enter the guess the size of my post-vacation inbox contest. I’ll take entries until Tuesday the 6th at 8:30 am, mountain standard time.