Me. In the Henriquez Studio. WOW!

Written By Heather - March 15, 2009

The Henriquez Studio

I’ll blog more later tonight, but….holy cow. I’m not a true Leighton Colony artist, but I’m on an ‘extended tour’ of the Henriquez Studio. As in sit and write for a few hours and be inspired.

Be inspired. By the boat studio. Set into the side of Tunnel Mountain. With snow softly falling around the boat. Um. Yes. Yes, I think I can arrange to be inspired.

Edited to add: Jim just dropped by with a pirate hat. I am allowed to use the studio until I leave on Thursday! I must confess that I let out a squeal and hugged him, and then jumped up and down. This…this is a dream come true.

I feel like a writer now. I did before, but now I really do.

The Henriquez Studio

The Henriquez Studio

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