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It’s a bit colder this morning, and the forecast is calling for snow (or flurries) later on in the day. I believe it. It smells like snow today. The sky keeps clouding over, but there were some gorgeous views for breakfast: sunlight over the tops of the mountains, where the snow is white and luminous.

Naturally, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Elsie K. no 1

I had dinner last night with Susan Swan, a writer, and Brian Johnson, writer/poet/screenwriter/movie critic/musician. Yes, I was a little intimidated. But they’re both really nice, and I got some very good advice on writing and career paths, and came away from the dinner feeling pretty darn excited.

Working away.

I’ve got two more full days here, counting today. I finished a short story yesterday afternoon, and I thought I might spend time revising it today – the opening needs some work.

I really like writing in this little boat. It’s funny, too – the reaction from other people when they hear that I’m in this studio. Everybody wants to come and see the boat. There’s a group of textile artists in the studio just west of me (no, not knitting – I asked and I think I may have insulted them a little – they’re working with silks and such), and I think they might drop by to see the innards of my little boat.

Deer. From last night.

I haven’t seen a lot of wildlife. There’s major construction going on not far from here, and while it’s not noisy here, I think it might be keeping the animals away. I have seen some deer, though. The infamous Fisher cats? Haven’t seen them.

The Boat Notes

I haven’t really hosted a pirate party yet, but I have worn my hat and said ‘yarr’ a lot, so I think that qualifies. I’d really like to know who it was that had such a surprise with the Fisher cats. There must be a great story there.

There’s some kind of green tea and cookie event today, too – sound in the Music and Sound building. I didn’t bring anything green to wear, though…and I don’t want to get pinched today! But then again…green cookies. Can I resist the lure of green cookies?

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