Day three: eleventy billion girls, Wordfesties, and me.

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A quiet(er) day today. I didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked, and tromping around Banff for the last couple of days has been kind of tiring! I went for a walk this morning after breakfast, but I spent most of the day in my studio.

oct 18 009

It’s been super busy at the Banff Centre this weekend. A youth dance company has been here, preparing for a production (looks like a dance version of The Jungle Book, to judge by their tshirts). At every meal, I’ve watched in astonishment as eleventy million preteen girls descend upon the buffet like a plague of locusts. Those girls were hungry. Don’t get in their way! It’s been so busy at mealtimes that a supplementary buffet had to be set up to help manage the crowd. Those kids pick one buffet clean and then move on to the next one. It’s really cute, actually – last night, one of them was practically jumping up and down in anticipation of a second helping of fillet of snapper. I let her go ahead of me in line…I was afraid she’d start gnawing on my leg if I didn’t.

Wordfest is also underway (ending tonight, I think), and there are a lot of people showing up for talks and events. And also for meals. The Wordfesties are trying to give those eleventy million girls a run for their money, but in truth, nothing could ever hope to rival the kids.

oct 18 005

There are a lot of artists here, too. Not nearly as hungry as the eleventy million girls or the Wordfesties. I’m not certain why. Slower metabolisms?

Me? Eating well, thank you. Lamb shanks for dinner tonight, with fusilli pasta in a cream sauce and spinach salad. I was a little early for dinner – the artists eat together, but most of them (us? can I say us?) don’t roll in for dinner until six or seven. I ate alone, but I can’t say that I minded too much. The view from the Vistas dining hall is company enough when it comes to the buffet dinner.

oct 18 006

The writing is going well, too. Slowly, but nicely. If I was here for more than a week, I’d want to be working harder, I think…even though that seems a bit contradictory. If I can come away from this residency with a good short story (or two), I’ll count my time here as successful. And I think I’ll be wrapping up a story by tomorrow evening, so things are looking good.

oct 18 004

I’ve been avoiding the tv while I’m here. There’s one in my room, but I’ve put an embargo on it…no cable for me (although I’ll admit to watching clips on the internet about the balloon boy – how weird was that?). It’s funny how the day can stretch out when you’re just writing and reading…I finished rereading A Moveable Feast today (the original version), and I’m working on Willa Cather’s O, Pioneers!.

Also a little knitting. I brought that sweater up here with me, and I was kind of hoping to finish it while I’m here. Would it be too geeky to try to chart the Banff Centre logo and knit it into the yoke? Maybe?

Tomorrow I’m going out with a mountain guide for a guided hike and a campfire lunch. Pictures of that tomorrow (if the bears don’t get me).