Back where I want to be.

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I had a couple of nice days’ wandering this weekend, but by last night, I was ready to get myself to the Banff Centre and get to work.

Feb 8 006

Jim sent the Banffmobile to come and get me, and I got myself settled, got myself a sandwich, and got to work.


I’ve got a great room here. I think it might be the room I had when I first came here – the view is vaguely familiar, and I seem to recall being on the fourth floor.

Feb 8 012

The Kinnear Centre is really shaping up, too – still a lot of construction, but the mud and muck from September is gone, and it’s beginning to look like a finished building.

This is my eighth residency here. Still can’t quite believe that. I’m only here for the week, and I think this will be a ‘pour it on’ residency. I’m working to finish a collection of short stories, and I’d like to have it pulled together in time to submit it for the Hudson Prize. And to do that, I need to finish a few more short stories, revise the heck out of them, and then figure out how they work with the others that I have ready.

At the Kiln.

I think I can do it.

I unplugged the television.

I can do it.

I managed to write a decent first draft of a short story today…which, actually, I find a little bit astonishing. Maybe the two days of chilaxing are going to help with the whole ‘pour it on’ plan? I managed to get it typed and then hustled down to Community Services to print it and then – because it wasn’t time for dinner and I’d unplugged the television – I sat and edited for an hour.

And then dinner. I met Joanie, who is here on her first residency, working on revisions on her first novel, and then we both met W.L, who is doing something with media and prosthetics and projections – sounded interesting. There’s at least one more writer here on a self-directed program, but I haven’t seen her yet. And I think the Alberta Writers’ Guild may be here, too. I think. I’m not sure.

Cascade Mountain.

It’s shaping up to be a good week.

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  1. As usual, it looks wonderful!! Your room looks very comfortable and so does the bed! I'm not sure about unplugging the TV. I am not a watcher but I like to have it on and on mute so it's a bit of company when I am sitting knitting or reading!

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