Another good day.

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It’s been a good writing day. I slept really well (somebody on the floor had set their alarm for 3am and somebody else sounded as though they were not feeling well at 6am, but I slept very well). I got up at a respectable hour and had a nice breakfast. Banff Centre scrambled eggs have magical propertiies, or so I’ve come to believe.

Stuart Ian McKay is staying in the boat studio – lucky! – and he invited me to come and visit him this morning. I dropped by and he read a poem.

I liked it. How often do you happen upon a poet in a boat in the woods? He doesn’t have a lisp, by the way – my camera does. He’s loving the Henriquez Studio…I can certainly understand why. It’s a magical little place, and he says that he’s getting a lot of work done.

Stuart Ian McKay

Everybody is hard at work. Joni has declared that she is imposing a regime:

Joni's regime.

I have my own regime, but it’s not been committed to paper. I’ve been going for a walk after breakfast, getting pictures, and then I settle down to write. Then I go for coffee. Then I go back to writing. Then lunch. Then more writing. Then coffee. And then dinner, more writing, chamomile tea (to counteract the coffee), some reading, and bed. I wish I was always this disciplined.

Grey day.

There are a lot of self-directeds around right now – writers and poets working, like me, on their own projects without being attached to a group. Literary Arts got us together for lunch today – what a great idea! Seven of us at a table, laughing and squawking about the trials and tribulations of first drafts and wondering how we were all managing to deplete our meal plans so quickly…lots of fun!

You are here.

There’s also been the discovery of muffin o’clock: the time of day when you find yourself bound and determined to find – and then consume – a muffin. I wish this had been my invention, but alas, no…it’s the invention of Nick Huchetson from Literary Arts, and the self-directeds appear to be adopting it with enthusiasm. He explained the concept at lunch.

There was a brief suggestion from the table that there be a sushi o’clock, but I don’t think it will carry.

Theatre complex.

I’ve only got two and a half days left here – I can’t quite believe that it’s already Wednesday. Seriously? How did that happen? I’m making good progress on the manuscript, though. Yesterday’s revisions on the short story were finished just before bed, and I’ve started a new story today.

Lloyd Hall

I think I’ve got a good handle on the overall theme for the collection…the stories are all, essentially, about losing something (and in some cases, finding something). I’m trying hard to keep it from being too gloomy or maudlin, and I think I’ve managed to do that.

Lloyd Hall

What I hadn’t expected, though, was how difficult it would be to put the stories in order. It’s not something I had really given much consideration to: the arrangement of short stories. But it needs to be decided.

Choosing the right order.

I’m working out the order. That’s probably not the final arrangement – I think I need to decide if I’m going for a thematic arrangement, or if I want to try to group the stories according to gloominess or keep the like narratives with like…hard to know for sure.

It’s great to see it coming together, though, and I think the manuscript has a fighting chance.

I’m also seriously excited to be able to say that I’ve almost got an entire manuscript. How cool is that?

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  1. That is very, very cool.

    And I think "epiphanatorical," from Stuart's poem, is my new favorite ought-to-be-a-word word

  2. Hi Heather, great work this week…sounds like the writing is going well! Keep up the hard work! May your muse be kind to you in these last few days of your residency.

    Pam (from twitter)

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