So I finished the manuscript.

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Well. I’ll post more tomorrow about my week, but for now, please enjoy the following video. Me. Finishing the last short story of my collection. And doing my obligatory chair dance.

Eh? Eh? Isn’t that the best chair dancing you’ve ever seen?

I have a feeling I’ve automatically made that song unpopular. You have some teenagers? You don’t like them singing that song? Show them the video of me chair dancing, and I guarantee they’ll never listen to that song again.

4 thoughts on “So I finished the manuscript.

  1. Um…is this some sort of throw down? A challenge? Are you daring us all to out-chairdance you? Really? Yeah, well, we'll see about that.

  2. Ohhhh…a chair dance challenge! This could be fun! (evil grin)

    Seriously though…congratulations on finishing your manuscript. That has to feel great!

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