The calm before the 3-Day Novel storm.

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I’m here, and I’m putting the final touches on my outline for the 3-Day Novel Contest. I arrived in Banff yesterday afternoon and stayed in town so that I could wander around a bit and do a little bit of shopping. The hotel? It was nice, but the room was chilly and a little bit noisy. The buffet breakfast was good – not great, though – and I was pretty happy when the Banff Centre-mobile showed up this morning to get me.

Banff is a nice place to amble around, though. The weather was good, and there were a lot of people taking in the sights. I went up the gondola on Sulphur Mountain last night, too. It’s one of those touristy things to do, and the view is always worth it.

I mean, how often do you get to zoom up to the top of a mountain? Not so often. And at the top, I had myself some hot chocolate.

Looking up to the top.

It was a tad nerve-wracking on the way back, though. The gondola cars had stopped…I never did find out if it was intentional or if something had broken down. I’ve heard that it takes a good three hours to walk down, and frankly, if I walked down, it would probably take thirty-three hours.

Fortunately, though, things were back up by the time I was ready to go back down.

Banff Gondola

So I’m back at the Banff Centre! The Kinnear Building is finished, and I’ll post some pictures soon. The library has moved over, and it’s pretty darn amazing. The Banff String Quartet Competition is running right now, and there are a lot of foursome walking around. Go figure. At lunch today, I listened in on an impassioned debate on the kinds of wood you can use to make a bow and the benefits of oxidation. Dark sound versus…the other kind of sound. I must admit that most of it went right over my head, but it’s nifty to hear discussions like that. Lots of people are out to watch, too, and they look like they’re havin g a good time. I’ll be skipping the concerts, though – on account of writing a novel in seventy-two hours this weekend.

On top of Sulphur Mountain

There won’t be much in the way of posting from me during the weekend. My zombie love story (but not in the way you think…but sort of the way you think) needs to be written, and I’m bound and determined to turn in a completed manuscript by the end of Labour Day weekend.

In the meantime, you can read my latest short story: ‘I Bet I Can Find a Million People Who Hate Slab Cakes‘ over at Hobart Pulp.

I’m hoping to finish the outline this evening, and then get off to bed early…because tomorrow, the writing begins! It’s wonderful to be back at the Banff Centre again.

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  1. I’m participating this weekend too – good luck! Sounds like you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. That should be great inspiration.

    I’ll be in my house with 4 other writers toiling away. This is my third year participating. I LOVE having a full draft done of a new story when the weekend is over.

    Best of luck to you,

  2. I look forward to your updates (though perhaps infrequent) from the Banff Centre. Hey, don’t forget…you are in charge of reminding us (on twitter) to save our work. :D

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