Working on the 3-Day Novel.

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Up early. Slept poorly – some of my outline fell off the wall and startled me awake, and I neglected to turn the thermostat down so the radiator sang little songs to itself through the night. Strange dreams abounded; can’t quite recall what they were. I was up early enough – not at the crack of dawn, but it sure felt like it.

At breakfast, listened to aging musicians spinning tales of the hikes up the mountains they’d taken and would be taking today, though to look at them, I’d have to say it unlikely. Unless they were planning the gondola-style hike I took.

Me? Working steadily, if a bit slowly. The original outline was scrapped after about an hour of writing, and I’ve started fresh. I hesitate to say that it looks promising, but it’s going well.

Working on the 3-Day Novel.

I think. I’m beginning to fear that three solid months of term paper research and writing is having an inhibiting effect.

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  1. Scrapping the outline if it wasn’t working definitely sounds like part of a working process. Keep at it!

    Unless, of course, it was just in retaliation for its waking you up in the middle of the night… :)

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