How to support a writer participating in the 3 day novel contest (A users guide)

Written By Heather - September 6, 2010

To support a writer participating in the 3 day novel contest, you will need the following:

  • One (1) Twitter account (with internet connection, obvsly);
  • Snacks, for sustenance;
  • Coffee, to play along with the over-caffeinated writer ethos.

Optional supplies include:

  • Season 3 of Mad Men  (or entertainment of your liking) to entertain yourself so you aren’t tempted to virtually distract the writer  (ie. “Human Centipede is playing at the Plaza!?”, or randomly tweeting the word “CAKE!!”)
  • A list of cheers to work from  is helpful.

5.30 Days of meeeee

    Strongly Discouraged: One very specific cat who will require a run to the ER at hour 32 after he fell into a bucket of paint. Ahem.

    Note: The author appears to have kicked the sad sandwich when it was already down with this tweet:

    Eating world’s most delicious panini and reading survivor accounts of plane crashes. #3dnc, @thebanffcentre style. Sun Sep 5 13:11:27 2010

    World’s most delicious panini????


    You will experience intense sensations such as envy at the environment

    and the food

    and the mathematicians

It is important to put aside these feelings of envy and stay focused (CAKE!!!) and remember: You are there to support the author! Virtually.   Especially when the lovely Lectio at Lectio.ca tweets the grand finale:

Then one may pop a little with pride.  Congratulations, Heather!!!

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  1. Fred says:

    Fell into a bucket of paint? Eek! With distractions like that, Heather’s achievement is all the more remark(CAKE!)able. Congratulations!

    • Heather says:

      Thankfully, *I* did not fall into the bucket of paint. I mean, I may have crazy hair and all (the altitude, maybe?) but I’m not so badly in need of product as that.

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