The day after the 3-Day Novel Contest.

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Done. Oh, yes, friends, I’m done. I finished yesterday afternoon, looked up, looked around, and thought oh, that’s it…I’m done now. It was somewhat anti-climactic. No balloons fell from the ceiling. No confetti. No banners.


But there was that quiet satisfaction – mixed with incredulity – in knowing that I made it through. That I now have a ninety-three page novel, though you should picture me making air quotes when I say that. I had some time to edit during the afternoon, and then I decided that I was well and truly finished.

Dinner alone. Very alone.

I had dinner alone in the dining room. Very alone. There were eleventy-zillion people here over the weekend for that string quartet competition, but they all left on Monday morning. And now the place is pretty much empty. There’s at least one other arts program person here – I met him on Saturday morning – but I haven’t seen him in days. There are a good forty mathematicians and they eventually showed up, too, but I rather think that they’ve got a ‘no arts program girls allowed’ rule when it comes to the dinner table.

Not that I’m complaining. Some residencies have been rather frenetic – lots of people, lots of conversation. That sort of thing. Busy all the time. This one is quite quiet. Not laid-back – can’t say that after spending the long weekend writing a 20,462 word novel – but quiet. Not in a bad way, either.


I’ve got a couple more days here (and twenty-nine dollars left in my meal plan – how did that happen?). Now that the frenzy of the 3-Day Novel Contest is behind me, I’m going to spend some time thinking about my writing – my regular writing – and working on it. I’m going to print out the manuscript at Community Services today, track somebody down to sign the witness statement for the contest, and mail it. Then I’m going to do the walk of shame and go to the Registrar’s Office to add money to the meal plan (I never have a satisfactory explanation as to how I manage to eat my way through it so quickly).

And tonight? Dinner with @babybanff and family. I’m really looking forward to that!

I’m going to spend the morning hanging out in the reading room at the Paul D. Fleck Library. It’s quite fancy. Not at all like the way it was when it was in the basement. Technically, I’m writing, not reading, but the librarians aren’t wise to me yet. I have my ebook with me in case I’m challenged by them, though: “ARE YOU READING? YOU BETTER BE READING!”

Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber, ma’am!”

Writing in the reading room.

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  1. Congratulations Heather! I am truly impressed that you were able to write that much and still have time to eat the world’s best panini. In your shoes, I might have been too distracted to write. What beautiful views.

    I hope to see your novel on “THE LIST” when it comes out in January! Good Luck!

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