He promptly fell over in delight.

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Not very much writing accomplished yesterday – not surprising, I suppose. The writing of the 3-Day Novel Contest had me feeling a bit wrung out. Writ out, too. Still, it’s easy enough to spend a day quietly and in a satisfying fashion at the Banff Centre; I spent most of my day curled up in an armchair in the library, reading.

But I did take a break to get my novel printed at the Community Services office.

Handing in the 3-Day Novel at Community Services

There it goes. All packaged up and put into the mail bag. Fly away, little manuscript, fly away!

Hard to say how it will do. I suspect there were some strong competitors in the contest this year, and I know some of the wordcounts were much higher than mine. But I was pleased with the story, and though it struck me as being something more of a series of character sketches, it came to what felt like a natural resolution. So, we’ll see. But just finishing means that I have earned the sought after certificate and ‘I survived the 3-Day Novel Contest’ sticker. Huzzah!

@babybanff and posse

I had a really lovely dinner with @babybanff and his very groovy parents. I sat on the floor with @babybanff and presented him with his knitted mittens and a matching little sweater vest (have pictures at home; will post upon my return) and a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth.

@babybanff expressed his pleasure and delight by promptly falling over backwards.

And to think that I forgot to take a picture.

It was a delightful visit – a really nice dinner, and good company.

Today? It’s my last full day at the Banff Centre. Slept beautifully, and discovered that there were waffles for breakfast – second day in a row!

Waffles again!

Heaven. Is there any better way to start the day than a glutton-sized breakfast?

I’m back in the reading room at the Paul D. Fleck Library. I just finished reading Fanny Herself. Can I say it’s delightful? Everything feels delightful right now. It was an excellent book, and I really enjoyed it…just the right kind of book to finish reading in the mountains.

I’m going to sit and write today. I pulled a couple books off the shelf to look at – ‘Dutch Drawing and Prints’ and ‘Great Drawings of All Time.’ They’re the kind of books that are huge and have colour plates in them, and when I falter with writing, I’ll turn a few pages and look at the pictures.


It’s a damp, misty, rainy morning here in the mountains…chilly, too, which is fine by me. It’s sweater weather! I’ve been very glad to have those pink gloves with me, and I’ve been wearing my orange scarf quite a lot, too. The days have been spent reading, writing, and taking long walks around the Banff Centre campus…it’s safe to say that I’m feeling pretty darn relaxed. My hair has never been crazier. It makes me feel like a real writer.

3 thoughts on “He promptly fell over in delight.

  1. You’ve got crazy hair, you’ve written a NOVEL in THREE DAYS, and you’re been tweeted by both William Gibson and Margaret Atwood. You’re a certifiable, bona fide writer!

    (also, that’s a very nice picture of you, crazy hair and all!)

  2. Looking at them in their coats makes me jealous and longing for the cooler weather that is at least a month away here!

    So glad to see you got another back cover photo – I expect to see that one on book #2 (maybe the 3 day novel?).

  3. I’m actually impressed that you continued to write at all after the weekend. I’m taking a week off. My fingertips (and the creative part of my brain) need to rest. :D

    I used to think a word count goal of 1000 words a day was daunting. Now I think it’s a walk in the park vs. 10,000 (or so) words a day we were pushing for last weekend .

    By the way, you aren’t working on your “real” novel, you are working on your novel. You’ve been published girl…time to let those air quotes find a new home… LOL!

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