Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

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I was up early to have breakfast with Jim Olver from the Banff Centre, and then I was back on the Brewster bus, headed home to Calgary. See?

That’s me, pulling out of the Brewster terminal in Banff. They sent a shuttle to pick me up at the Banff Centre, and the driver and I talked about the Calgary mayoralty candidates while a little old lady from Britain listened politely.

Once you leave the mountains behind, it’s a mostly dull trip.

Most of the cattle are off to…well, they’re visiting a nice farmer somewhere, I’m sure.

What a great time it was, though. There’s something very nice about having a card that proclaims you to be a writer:


(I actually finished my program yesterday – added a day on and left this morning).

It’s nice to have a card like that to look at when you spend your week looking like this:



I saw a lot of the mountains, too.


And I saw elk.

Check out the antlers!

Took that picture from quite a distance, as the rut is on. Do not disturb the elk when they’re having their sexy time. It makes them very upset.

I also got to see @babybanff, and take him his top secret knitted present:

@babybanff's little sweater vest.

A lovely little sweater vest to match the mittens. He is quite a lovely baby, and so very cute:

@babybanff and his flannel sheets.

I had a nice lunch with him and his mom, too:

Lunch with @lectio

He is one jolly baby. I was picking bits of banana out of my hair for the rest of the day, too. Bonus! He was quite enchanted with the mathematicians, who were busy talking about epsilon and vertices and writing out equations. He was fascinated – too busy listening to retrieve a blob of banana from his face.

@babybanff and the mathematicians.

“Vertices, yes, and epsilon…yes, go on. And tell me, what do you know of crawling?”

The highlight of his lunch, I think, was when a mathematician leaned down to let him feel his beard.

@babybanff and the mathematicians.

Sadly, the mathematician did not let me feel his beard, but I wasn’t making such an obvious effort to woo him into letting me try. Ain’t nobody can woo like @babybanff can woo…not when there’s beard feeling and math talk at stake.

I had a good time. I ate a lot of bacon. A lot of waffles. A lot of fish. I ate…well, I ate a lot. It caught up with me last night, but I travel with Tums. I was prepared, and glad for it. Also? I wrote a lot. The 3-Day Novel Contest went very well, and I managed to do some great writing yesterday. And I’ve got a few more days of vacation left, so I’ll probably get a bit more writing done, too. I did a lot of reading, and I’ll be reading quite a bit over the next few months for my grad program. I came away from the vacation in Banff feeling as though my spirit had been rejuvenated. And you know…that’s a really nice feeling.

It was a great week at the Banff Centre. I had a really nice time, and I’m looking forward to my return trip next year. A whole year away…but it’ll be worth it!

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  1. Seeing your picture in here reminded me how I found your blog in the first place. I had searched in Google for “acer netbook” and it went to entry http://www.lectio.ca/?p=1228 (which I just searched for and found again).

    You should work for Acer since I did finally end up with exactly the same netbook and I love it. And, the best part was finding your blog which inspires me to at least attempt to be a better writer in between dealing with all of the daily insanity at work! I’m falling short of that goal so I will have to continue living vicariously through your accomplishments :-)

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