I love both Hemingways.

The continuing saga of a writing residency in the mountains. The writer meets her studio.

The way to the colony.

I’m here! I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!

By appointment only.

Technically day two, since I arrived yesterday afternoon, but today is the first full day of my residency program at the Leighton Artists’ Colony at the Banff Centre. Arrived yesterday afternoon and got the keys to my studio – the very lovely, very delightful, very round Hemingway studio. It’s named for the architect, not the writer…though I’m amenable to either one. I love Hemingway. Both of them.

Over the bridge and into the woods.

Studio exterior.

I’ve waited a long time for this. More than a year. And to finally arrive and sit in the studio, and listen to the wind in the trees…well, it’s pretty darn great. Fred is here, too, working on the Three-Day Novel Contest in a self-directed writing residency. We met up yesterday morning for breakfast and took the bus out together, and he’s somewheres on campus now, trying to write his epic Labour day weekend novel.

Approaching the studio.

As for me? I’m working on my novel. I feel justified in calling it what it is, and it’s going well. I spent a hefty part of this morning working on an outline for the sections to come and I’ve got them stuck to the wall – breaking it down into sections. I’ve worked things out, and I need to write about two thousand words a day to finish the novel by the end of the residency. I think I can do that.

Studio #1 - Hemingway

It’s such a lovely thing to be back at the Banff Centre, too. Early September is a quiet time – most programs have already wrapped up and the new ones haven’t quite started, so there’s a lull for the first week or so.

Love this ceiling.

View from the desk.

It’s wonderful. I know it sounds kind of strange, but as soon as I hit Lloyd Hall – the first time, when I first arrive – and I smell it, I just break out into a grin. That sounds creepier than I mean it to. And no, Lloyd Hall doesn’t smell bad. It has a faint scent of library to it – that’s how I’d best describe it. Library mixed with new notebook paper.

Other side of the studio.

I’m back. I’m where I want to be. I’m writing.

Inside the Hemingway studio.

How much better does it get?


The meals:

Breakfast: multigrain waffles, peach slices, scrambled eggs, bacon; juice and coffee
Lunch: tunafish sandwich, cottage cheese, spinach salad, ice cream; cranberry & club soda
Dinner: salad, haddock filets in citrus drizzle, penne with olives and capers, broccoli with cheese, chocolate sand cake (like a pound cake), fruit, iced tea and mint tea.


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  1. I still regret missing that sand cake.

    Honestly, though I saw precious little of it those first couple of days — where was I on campus? Where was I in my own head? That 3-day novel is still kind of a blur — I definitely can see what you like so much about Banff and the Centre.

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