Trachodon 3 is out!

Trachodon 3Trachodon 3 is now rolling out, and there’s interview with me on their blog in which I say that I’d like to knit Margaret Atwood a stout pair of gloves. And a warm toque for Stephen King. Yes. Yes, I really did say that in an interview.

If you’re interesting in picking up a copy of the magazine, there are a few options:

You can subscribe, which will make Trachodon very happy indeed.

You can buy a copy at CreateSpace (a la Amazon) and pop the coupon code QVHHQGHT in for a 25% discount.

You can buy an ebook version at Smashwords for 99 cents when you use the SZ52T coupon code.

You can wait for me to become a hugely popular Canadian author and read it in a Norton anthology. Please note: your anthology may take fifty to sixty years to arrive. Plan accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Trachodon 3 is out!

  1. I think I’ll pick up Trachedon 3 now and Pick up the anthology later. Hmm. Maybe with the savings from Hez not needing hip surgery after all (her Dr. popped her knee and hip back in place) I’ll splurge on a subscription.

    Banff sounds fabulous, as always!

    • I almost feel like the story should come with a warning about reading it on mass transit. Or a free bottle of Purrel if you choose to ignore it. :)

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