Banff Centre sweater.

The continuing saga of a writing residency. The writer discusses a sweater and the frenzy to finish before departing for her time in the mountains.

In the last week before my trip to the Banff Centre, I was knitting madly – convinced that there would be cold enough weather to merit the need for a new Banff Centre sweater. And though it was quite warm the first week (almost to my dismay), the weather got progressively cooler and I was wearing the sweater before the residency was out.

Banff Centre sweater!

Fred and I went up the gondola to do the civilized hike along the mountain (a nice boardwalk, with stairs and handrails, and with many benches and places to stop and admire the scenery). It was entirely too hot to wear the sweater, but I took it with me. And I was bound and determined to get a picture of the sweater at the top of a mountain.

The Banff Centre sweater.

And I did. Behold: the Banff Centre sweater. Noro Kureyon, ten skeins (with about half a skein left over) knit on US 9 needles. . The pattern is my own, generated with Sweater Wizard and then tweaked a bit. It fit very nicely; I made the sleeves just a little bit long on purpose – I like it to cover over the little bump in the wrist. Worn up the side of a mountain, on a horseback riding trip, and in my studio. Very comfy!

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