Fred leaves; I keep writing.

The continuing saga of a writing residency. Today: the writer bids farewell to a friend, and obtains a clipboard through the generosity of another.

Upon on Sulphur mountain.

I feel as though my writing practice is on the cusp of some sort of change. I don’t know quite what the new practice will be like – is it really possible to know? – but there has been an invigoration taking place in my little cabin in the woods. It might be that the creak of the door, first opened in the morning, has enlivened a part of me that was half-asleep. It might be that the lack of responsibilities, save one – be inspired – has left me open to the possibilities I had turned my face from. Perhaps the pine marten has something to do with it; it’s hard not to feel like you should be working when one galumphs by on its quest for sparrows and mice (they look so very busy and determined when they’re doing it).

Upon on Sulphur mountain.

Up on Sulphur mountain.

Maybe it’s because I’ve finally started to believe that this novel will be something that gets finished and is good? I don’t know. Perhaps.

Upon on Sulphur mountain.

Fred takes in the view from the gondola.

Fred packed up and headed home today. Sigh. It was so nice to meet him – and so neat to see him exploring and discovering the Banff Centre and the 3-Day Novel Contest. He’s a neat guy. We’ve known each other online for years, but this was the first time meeting in person, and he’s just as nice in ‘real life’ as he is online. It’s nice when that works out like that.

And Jocelyn came up to visit – she brought me some markers and a clipboard, upon request, and I’m putting them to very good use. We had dinner down in Banff, and then she drove me back to the Banff Centre and told me sternly to get back to work.

Hello, squirrel.

The meals:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, grapefruit, English muffin
Lunch: cob salad (meh)
Dinner: fish and chips down in Banff with Jocelyn!

One thought on “Fred leaves; I keep writing.

  1. I’m glad this “Fred” character didn’t turn out to be a real jerk. (He seemed a little sketchy, if you ask me.)

    In all seriousness, I had a wonderful time discovering Banff, struggling through the 3-day novel while I was there, and moreover meeting you. I was genuinely sorry to leave after what seemed so short a stay.

    We have neither the mountains nor endless bacon of the Centre, alas, but you of course have an open invitation to visit New York. I have it on good authority that there are some things to see here.

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