Pine marten!

Written By Heather - September 28, 2011

The continuing saga of a writing residency, in which the writer rhapsodizes about pine martens.


So Fred’s gone home to New York, and his absence at dinner was conspicuous. I’m now halfway through my residency, which, frankly, is astonishing. One the one hand, I can’t believe the halfway mark is already here.On the other…I can’t believe I still have nine days of work on the novel ahead of me. Will I manage to finish? I hope so.


I’m still making steady progress on the novel. I walked down to the townsite in the morning for a little wander. There was a triathlon going on in, and the roads were blocked off for part of the course – a very different feel from the way the town usually looks, but not in a bad way.

View from the studio.

I wandered back and got back to work. The story is inching closer and closer to the 75,000 words I’m aiming for – minimum – though I’m beginning to suspect that it’ll be longer. The plot? Slowly moving along, keeping time with the outline I’ve written.

The weather is supposed to cool off over the next few days, so there’s a better chance that I’ll actually be able to wear the sweater I knit for this residency!

Pine marten!

Also? Finally managed to get a picture of the pine marten. I was sitting at my desk in the studio when I saw the movement out of the corner of my eye…grabbed the camera, and started shooting.

Pine marten!

Turns out it’s must easier to take a picture of a pine marten if it curls up under a tree to take a nap. I watched it for a while – pine martens yawn and wash just like cats – and then it settled down to sleep. After a while, it woke up, had a little wash, and then went gamboling off.

Pine marten!

Pine marten!

I must agree with the poet in the studio down the path from me. They do seem jolly.

Pine marten!

The meals:
Breakfast: English muffin, eggs, grapefruit
Lunch: egg salad sandwich and milk
Dinner: roast chicken, carrots in a honey glaze, couscous, macaroni salad, coffee cheesecake and a banana pastry.

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