Pine marten…now with more tail-washing!

The continuing saga of a writing residency, which is beginning to resemble a pine marten safari to the mountains.

Saturday morning.

A busy, productive day of writing, though the action halted mid-morning when the pine marten rolled up and started washing his tail.


I’m a sucker for the pine marten. He washed, took a five minute nap (seriously!) and then took off in search of voles and mice and peppermints.


The writing is going very well today; four thousand words by dinner, and I’m looking to get another thousand down before the evening is through. The temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up and it’s hard not to stop and watch the trees moving back and forth. It’s hypnotic.

Tail-washing interruptis.

More Banff.


The meals:
Breakfast: coddled egg, toast, grapefruit
Lunch: haddock, french fries, spinach salad, macaroni salad
Dinner: salmon with tomato something on it, potato salad, macaroni salad, some fancy mushrooms, a fancy pear torte thing for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Pine marten…now with more tail-washing!

  1. He does look adorably jolly. The spirit guides of Banff Center? They seem to have the duplicitous nature Dorothea Brande felt was necessary.

    The scenery! How can you tear yourself away from it? Gorgeous.

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