Arturo’s toaster is confiscated.

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The continuing saga of a writing residency. Toasters are confiscated, a luncheon with friends, and plans for a ping pong tournament.

Coming down the mountain.

Hello, gondola!

Some pictures from the gondola trip – my pictures are a little jumbled up, and I’m plunking them into blog posts as I go.

Hello, magpie.

Poor Arturo. He’s in the boat studio a few studios down, and he has a liking for toast in the afternoon. Unfortunately for Arturo, the fire alarm in his studio is situated rather close to the toaster, and he managed to set it off again today. He’s lost his toaster privileges, it seems – the toaster was confiscated and escorted off the Leighton Colony land. His hotplate, too.

Upon on Sulphur mountain.

The writing? Going very well. I think I might be about three chapters away from finishing the book. Possibly four or five. It’s getting very close, though, and I’m in the final stages. Or, at least, entering the final stages. I popped down to the library this morning to pick up some cds (a five cd limit is in effect, so you’ve got to choose carefully), and I think I’ll do the same tomorrow. I ended up switching over to my iPod this afternoon, and I think I’m going to set up a playlist for the writing of the last chapter…selecting songs I want to have playing while I’m writing the ending.

Sulphur mountain.

I haven’t actually scripted the ending yet. I’ve got an outline that lays out the story, but I left the last page of the outline blank. I’m going to wait, to see what occurs to me as I’m working and go from there. I want it to be organic and fluid, which is an artsy way of saying that I haven’t decided how it’s going to end or who is going to die.

Saturday morning.

Today I had lunch with @furtivecode and @papersnacks this afternoon (sadly, @babybanff was not in attendance) and we had a really nice time. After lunch, I scurried back to the studio and settled back down to work. It was a hugely productive day – more than five thousand words written by the time dinner rolled around. And during dinner, we Leighton Colonists hatched a plot to organize a ping pong tournament.

Ping pong throwdown.

Hello, deer.

I am having such a good time. Five full days left, and then home on the afternoon of the sixth day. This residency is just flying by.

Hello, magpie.

The Meals:
Breakfast: waffles (yay!), fruit, and a lot of coffee
Lunch: ham sandwich, cottage cheese, blueberry crumble
Dinner: ham glazed with apricot sauce, shell macaroni and cheese sauce, broccoli, orange mousse, water and club soda mixed with cranberry juice.

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  1. What IS that brown blur in the second to last photo? Moose? Deer? The pine marten that ate Banff?

    You are making me want to read your novel. Organic and fluid = haven’t decided who will die at the end. Love it!

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