Trying to recruit ping pong players.

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The continuing saga of a writing residency in a round cabin in the woods. The writer attempts to recruit players for the tournament and frets about the completion of her novel.

more ping pong

The ‘stylistas’ – the Writing with Style workshop group – has responded to the ‘colonists’ – the Leighton Artists’ Colony group – and the ping pong challenge is on. Saturday at 6:30. I’m trying to recruit colonists to play. It’s harder than you’d thing. Or maybe not as hard as you’d think: artists, poets, and writers are not generally all that big on sports, and to us, ping pong qualifies as a sport.

Ping pong!

Still. The honour of the colony is at stake.

Ping pong madness

It was a cloudy day, off and on, though the sun came out in the morning. In the afternoon, I finally had rain. The sound of the rain on the roof of the studio? Magical. I’ve really been enjoying the pleasant weather, but I had secretly been hoping for rain. Even Arturo was pleased (he’s still a little sad about the loss of his toaster, and keeps threatening to come over to my studio to make his toast. I’ve hidden my Toastmaster).

Playing ping pong.

The novel – I waffle back and forth between calling it a book or a novel – is nearing completion. I’m at 83,896 words so far, and the file is almost 1 mb (huge!). I’ve reached a stage of slight paranoia: five backups running right now, and I’m not convinced that even that is enough. I’m three or four chapters from finishing, I think – I’ll have to go back and rewrite some of it to make it more coherent, and I’ll do that if I manage to finish in the next few days.

It’s a little scary/creepy to think that I’m so close to finishing. I’ve only got a few more days left, and I really, really want to leave here with a completed first draft. This story has been battering around in my head for too long not to finish it…and the sooner I finish, the better. That’s what I think.

Chilly morning.

So it’s probably not for nothing that there’s a ping pong challenge – I think I’m channeling some of my tension over finishing into the pong. The pong is strong. Or something like that.

Chilly morning.

I’ve been closing up shop fairly early in the evenings. It’s dark and a little creepy to walk back (security will totally come and get you, if you like) and I’m a burned to a bit of frazzle (not unlike Arturo’s toast) by the end of a day of writing. I’ve been up to about five thousand words a day, which feels like a lot. I had this grand plan not to watch any television while I was here and only read books…but it’s a lot easier to have a hot shower and go to bed to watch cable in the dark. No thinking required. Not necessarily a bad thing. Then I’m up early in the morning (setting an alarm for seven – on a vacation! amazing!) and back to work in the early morning. Early for me, anyways. Early in the morning for a vacation.

Chilly morning.

I am so going to finish this book. And soon. And then I’ll redouble my efforts to recruit ping pong players.

More pine marten!

The meals:
Breakfast: buttermilk pancakes with syrup and fruit on the side (NOM).
Lunch: shrimp and avocado rolls and a bottle of juice (meh)
Dinner: Cajun rubbed tilapia (yes, that’s how it was written up, but it was fine), honey carrots, mashed potatoes and a bun. And chocolate marble cheesecake (NOM). Pot of mint tea to end it all off with.

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  1. I guess rain on the roof is not something you get to hear at home; such is the trade-off for no sidewalk to shovel nor lawn to mow. Shrimp and avocado rolls sound yummy — too bad they were meh.

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