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The continuing saga of a writing residency in the mountains. The writer accomplishes her task.

At the Banff Centre.

I finished writing the novel last night. I wrote steadily through the day, and stopped for dinner, and came back to the room and wrote a blog post. Then I went back to work, and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.

Chilly morning.

I finished around eleven. I thought there would be dancing and singing in the studio when I finished – I was sure of it. But when I actually did finish, I just sat back and looked at what I had done. But there was no dancing. I just sat there, feeling quietly satisfied.


It’s taken me almost two years to finish writing this book. The idea for it started even before that. And here I was, sitting in my little cabin in the woods, with a finished novel in front of me. It was glorious. It was scary to think that it was finished, and it was wonderful.

At the Banff Centre.

So there was no dancing. No singing. I may have cried a little bit. But mostly I just sat and looked at my finished book, and then I typed two more words: ‘the end.’

The novel is finished.

The meals:
Breakfast: eggs, bacon, grapefruit, English muffin, juice and coffee
Lunch: manicotti, lemonade, custard, and coffee
Dinner: lamb rubbed with thyme, rice, cauliflower, carrots, and brocciflower, croissant and chocolate chip pudding, cranberry and club soda.

6 thoughts on “Finished.

  1. Congratulations – although I know you did this several days ago, I hope the wonder of it has not yet worn off.

  2. Congratulations Heather!! I’m so excited for you (and I completely understand the anxiety around ensuring you have redundancy in back ups LOL). Well done. Will you begin the edit now or will you wait (or did you edit as you went along)?

  3. Thank you! It was very emotional for me to finish – I think that picture has me looking appropriately exhausted.

    I’m going to wait a little while to start revisions. Soon, though!

  4. I said it before, but it’s worth saying again: congratulations! That’s no small feat, and you’re quite right to feel proud of finishing the novel!

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