The second day.

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The room I have is quite enormous.

Banff Centre room.

The bedroom is actually down a short hallway in the suite, so you can close the door. It’s great – little to no hallway noise. It was so quiet that I got up and turned on a fan for some white noise. I slept well (well enough for the first night in a strange bed) and had a nice breakfast. Ate bacon. Watched the sun come up on the mountains. Went for a walk. And then settled down to start writing.

The workspace.

I’m slowly transitioning into writing mode. There is a lovely desk, but I appropriated the dining table and have set it up as a writing table. I went down to Community Services yesterday afternoon and printed off the draft of my novel – it’s nice to have a paper copy to flip through as I’m working on the laptop. I’ve been alternating between working on the laptop and writing with pen and paper.

On that table is the lovely purple surprise flower arrangement sent by friends, and also a flower arrangement I sent myself. I did that the last time I was here, and really enjoyed having the fresh flowers. And to have two vases of flowers? Luxury. Absolute luxury.

(also luxurious: being able to leave flowers on a table overnight without worrying about somebody eating them and then sicking them up in the hallway.)

Tonight I’m going to a talk by Wade Davis, a National Geographic ‘explorer-in-residence.’ He’s going to be talking about the post-WWI attempts to climb to the top of Mount Everest, and apparently the talk will be about the men who tried – what motivated them to do it. I’m especially interested to hear this…I did that reading course on explorers and exploration this year, and though I was working more on the sense of landscape in exploration narratives, I found that I spent a lot of time thinking about what motivated people to head off into the great unknown.

Early morning.
So a start was made on the writing, and I met some musicians at lunch and ate some wonderful strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream. A good start to the residency, I think.