Day three at the Banff Centre.

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Time change today. Community Services put up signs all through Lloyd Hall, reminding us to turn our clocks back on Saturday night. And I did. And I was up far too early, realizing with no small amount of horror that I’d have to wait an hour for breakfast. Horror. It was truly horrible.


Last night? I went to a talk by Wade Davis called ‘Into the Silence.’ It’s about the Mallory’s trip to Everest, but it’s not a travel book…more a book discussing the motivations and the personalities of the men who went, and the impact the First World War had on them.

As for today…well, writing. A walk around town, and a trip to the library when I got back. Time spent at the desk I’ve set up for myself.

It’s quite fantastic. The day went well. I’m easing into revisions on the novel, and I’m discovering that revising the first draft is actually quite a bit harder than writing the first draft. I met another writer at lunch, and then had dinner with Suzanne Steele, who is quite fabulous and very interesting. We’d been talking about the writer’s lounge on the third floor, and how we didn’t have the code for it (there’s one of those old-school punch code locks on the door). After dinner, we went down and tried combinations until we hit on the one that got us in, scooted inside, squealed, and used the printer.


We writers know how to have a good time.