Plugging along.

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Lovely roast veal (not white veal – Alberta veal is not cruel veal) in a thyme sauce for dinner last night, and then quite a lot of pretzels watching the election. The veal was a very good idea. The pretzels were not (when will I ever learn??).


The writing is progressing. I’m averaging about two chapters a day, but will need to start increasing the pace for the rest of this week, as I’m expecting to hit larger sections that need substantially more rewriting. So far, it’s going quite well, though it’s oddly fascinating to observe how insecure I feel about the manuscript. And how I flip back and forth from thinking that it’s quite a good story to wondering if it’s no good at all. I suspect that’s common? Must ask some of the other writers (there aren’t many here at the moment, though – lots and lots of musicians, but only a handful of writers).


Snow and rain today, too…the forecast is about to take a turn for the cold.

All is well. Work progresses.