The aha! moment.

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It started snowing just after dinner. Lots and lots of it – and it’s just been building up all evening. Quite beautiful.


I had a discussion, via email, with my writing coach extraordinaire (she is quite fantastic). I spent the day revising and working through the manuscript, and I’ve reached the halfway point. There are some scenes that I will need to write in (maybe tomorrow, I’m thinking?) and some that I’m writing as I go. But it’s going very well.

And there was an AHA! moment this afternoon, when plot started suddenly falling into place. Unexpected but most welcome, and I’m quite delighted to see how it’s going. It makes up for the awful insecurity over whether or not the manuscript is any good. (I so want it to be good.) It sounds awfully corny, but it feels like such a gift when those ‘aha!’ moments emerge – when the story really starts to come together in a good way. It makes me feel quite lucky.


Pizza for dinner, as I was too hungry to wait for the buffet dinner. I’m mulling whether or not to book a massage tomorrow or Friday…the desk chair assigned to me is shedding screws and a bit wobbly, and it’s not as comfortable as I’d like. Getting up and stretching has helped a lot, but I have a stiff and sore back by the end of a long revision session.

We’ll see. There was a book in town that I wanted to buy that would cost as much, and I think I’d rather have the book and just take a hot bath…