Snow! (also, the residency is going really, really well.)

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It’s been a really good day. I slept really well, and felt quite a bit better today. Woke up to quite a lot of snow, too – the landscape is quite changed by it. You always have the sense that Sulphur Mountain is covered by an awful lot of trees, but when they are covered by snow, in turn, it becomes quite striking.


I had a great day of writing, too. The revisions are coming along, and yesterday’s aha! moment kept its momentum and carried on into today. I went for a walk in the snow (chilly!), had a nice lunch, and did some laundry. And wrote a lot.


I also had a great dinner – the food was lovely (brisket, baked potatoes, and zucchini that the chef made just for me because what was out on the buffet had red and green peppers in it) and the company was great. A group of writers talking and laughing and lingering after eating…it was just what I needed.


Tomorrow? More writing. I’m going to take a side trip into town to buy a book I saw in the Whyte Museum gift shop last week, but I’ll be working on chapters sixteen through twenty, I think.


The residency is going really, really well.