A nice Friday.

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Hard to believe that I’ve been here a week. I had breakfast with Sarah and Mark from the Registrar’s Office at the Banff Centre. They are lovely people, and great fun to share a meal with. There is another writer here from Ireland – Oliver – and he joined us as well. It made for a really nice time!


After breakfast? Looked at some revisions, worked through some. But there’s a book I’d been thinking about getting – it’s something I saw at the Whyte Museum gift shop last week, and I had held off getting it (a little pricey – it’s a lovely copy of Among the Selkirk Glaciers by William Spotswood Green. It’s a special reproduction of the 1890 edition, and it’s beautifully bound. A collector’s edition, really. I’ve been thinking about it through the week, and decided to go down today and buy it. I don’t often buy fancy books, but this one is quite lovely, and it will have a connection to think residency for me. And I’ve had quite an interest in exploration narratives since doing that reading course on them last summer.


So I marched down to Banff proper. Which takes a bit of doing today, as it’s actually quite cold: we’ve had quite a bit of snow, and the temperature dropped. And there was a windchill. And quite a lot of slippery ice on the road. I was the first through the door promptly at 10 am, which, I think, startled the volunteers. I don’t think they have too many people hankering to get in the moment they open. I made a beeline for the books and found what I wanted – breathed a sigh of relief that it hadn’t been bought up while I thought about it. Fortunately not.


There is a good exhibit there that I will go back to see next week – ‘Yellowstone to Yukon: the Journey of Wildlife and Art.’ The gift shop lady told me that it’s quite good, and I would like to go back to see it. Without worrying about whether or not the book I wanted is still there.

The writing is going quite well. Revisions are progressing at a very good pace. I keep discovering strange continuity errors…a fireplace that is up close and then far away. And then up close again. Extra children. Characters who apparently answer to several names. So I’m weeding those out, and taking out about a bajillion ‘she felt as though’ and ‘it seemed as if’ type statements. Some of it is quite humorous, though I’m shaking my head and wondering how they made it into the first draft at all.


Tomorrow will be quite cold. The windchill is expected to reach -29 by the evening. I think I can safely say that I will spend most of the day tucked up in my studio, writing. I went out for a walk later in the afternoon today and came back a bit frozen…it’s damper here than it is in Calgary, so I feel colder. Not that I mind!