The Saturday report.

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The sun goes down behind Sulphur Mountain just around 2:37 now. It was closer to three a little while ago, but it was something of a surprise to find that I was opening the drapes so soon after lunch.


The campus slides into shadow astonishingly fast.

A very chilly day today, too. I stayed in my room in my pajamas for the morning (I brought some packets of instant oatmeal with me, and bought a bottle of apple juice when I first arrived). Went and got a sandwich for lunch and brought it back to the room. I had the heat up, slippers on (my feet are close to the patio door, and there’s a chill coming off the glass).

The view from my desk.

The work is going well. A bit slower today than it has been…for no particular reason, really. I’m into the last stretch of the first pass through the book. I’ve got a scene to go back and rewrite, and a couple of additions that need to go in – something to add to the prologue (which will become chapter one), a scene to write, that sort of thing. I think I may be finished with the first pass fairly soon…maybe tomorrow?

I don’t think this will mean that the book is done, but it will be closer to being done than it has been for some time. I like the direction it’s taking. I feel good about it (though I still have fretful moments over it).

This evening, I took a break and had dinner with Tracy Isaacs, another writer who has been here for the last couple of weeks. She’s leaving tomorrow, which is sad…she’s an excellent dinner companion, and we’ve really enjoyed each other’s company this past week. So we had a nice dinner this evening, and I’ll say goodbye tomorrow at lunch.


That’s how it goes. People coming and going, arriving for new residencies and wrapping residencies up. Hard to believe that I’m into the second half of my own residency…I’ll be packing up and doing laundry on Thursday night, and taking the bus back to Calgary on Friday morning. Just like that.