Mission accomplished.

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Tracy’s gone home, but not before we posed for a picture (this was last night):


She also left me a box of crackers and a tub of hummus. She was here to work on her own novel, and managed to finish the first draft just before she left. And the cereal bowl she had to buy…very sadly, it did not fit in her luggage. So I have the bowl now, and with the bowl comes great responsibility.

Did I mention that I finished the first round of revisions today? I did.


I made it through the first pass of the manuscript. I’m going to go back and start adding in scenes that are just point form notes on a pad of paper at the moment, but I read the draft manuscript from start to finish, and I revised as I went through it. It’s a weird feeling. A good feeling, but a weird feeling.


The residency isn’t finished yet, but the bit thing I had wanted to do is. As Tracy says, everything I write for the rest of the week is a bonus. That’s a nice way to see it, actually. I’m going to write for a little bit longer tonight, and then I’m going to settle in with a book. The musicians think that plan isn’t enough of a celebration, but it’s more than enough for me. Give me a good story and my flannel pajamas, and that’s enough of a party.

Mission accomplished, yo.

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  1. Awesome Heather!!! That’s a big milestone!
    Thanks for posting so diligently…I’m living vicariously through you…love the pictures of Banff and recap of your adventures. :)

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