Wildlife safari.

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With the revisions I’d planned to do while I was here done, I opted for a light work day. As in a mostly non working day. As in a ‘I purchased a ticket on the ‘wildlife safari’ tour day.’ I did. I totally did.

Discover Banff Tours runs these. The tour bus comes to pick you up, and then you drive around the back roads of Banff for two hours, hoping to spot wildlife. The tour guide also gives you a talk about wildlife management in Banff, the history of Parks Canada, and things like predator control and the wacky things bears get up to (sometimes bad things, just so we’re clear).

It’s quite nice, actually. We drove around and saw an elk:





He was very busy eating and did not look at us.

Some very photogenic deer:




Then we drove up Mount Norquay (the road up there is kind of scary, so I tried not to look down or imagine the tour bus plunging off the side of the mountain). The view was totally worth it. So pretty! The whole town of Banff is laid out in front of you, and there is a long, long view of the valley.


And there were bighorn sheep. Lots of them:







The talk given by the guide was great. Apparently bears are very persistent: if they find human food (garbage or sandwiches or what have you), they will keep coming back to the same spot for up to thirty days just to see if they can find more. And if they do, they will forget their regular foraging habits and decide to just keep on looking for food where they’ve found it before…which is quite a problem, as it brings them into contact with people and can create a dangerous situation for them. I had no idea bears were so determined, but apparently so.

I had a very nice time today!


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  1. Love the pictures, Heather, glad to see you’ve been having a good time. I’m sure your readers will enjoy the mountain photos as well, up close and personal with winter in the Rockies.

  2. Wow – all of your Banff postings just showed up today for me. I had been stuck at “On Vacation” for all of November. Weird.

    Glad you’re at B, and super glad to hear that the book is progressing so well ;-)

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