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A lovely, quiet few days on holiday. I really like my job, but oh, I have not missed my cubicle at all. We had our cold weather, and yes, it was very cold. Yesterday brought a chinook, so it reversed almost right away. Today? Cold and misty, snowy and rather dark outside. I’ve been tucked into a Criminal Minds marathon that I stumbled across on tv; the PVR is recording episodes faster than I can watch them.

I’ve enjoyed being home. I’ve been reading a bit, eating too many chocolates and shortbread, and sleeping in. Heavenly. I’ve also been doing some research and writing notes for a story I’m planning for the Women Ruin SF call for submissions, and I’ll start writing it soon (if I can peel myself away from the tv marathon, of course!). My paperwork for the first two Banff Centre residencies arrived, and so I’ve got that for motivation.

Hard to believe that it’s almost the end of the year, isn’t it?

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