Sunday morning.

Written By Heather - January 26, 2014


A particularly lovely sunrise this morning. I put myself to bed early last night, and woke up just after seven this morning. Which, frankly, feels very wrong for a Sunday morning. I came out in the dark to start the coffee and found both cats sitting nervously by a window. Looking outside, looking at each other, looking back outside again.

Boy, that is a creepy way to start the morning. I suspect they saw one of the resident owls, which always makes them especially concerned. There’s no point in telling them that the owl can’t get inside. These are animals who are outsmarted by the red dot from a laser pointer every single time. So I looked out the window, made appropriate noises, and made the coffee.

I’m working on finishing my cyborg story today. I’m hoping to submit it to that Women Destroy SF call at Lightspeed. If the cats are to be believed, I should be checking over my shoulder for the owl as I write.

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One Comment

  1. Fred says:

    Here’s a terrifying thought: owls with laser pointers. Could be a Syfy movie, though maybe don’t tell the cats.

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