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Well. I had a lovely sleep last night in the hotel, which was unexpected. The night was quite silent and the pillow comfortable, but isn’t it always a shock when you wake up in a hotel room in the morning and realize that you’ve had a good sleep?

Me and ice sculpture.

I went out for a walk in the morning, and happened across another lone tourist trying to take a photo by an ice sculpture, we swapped cameras. It’s the code of single female travellers: when we see one of our number taking a photo, offer to do a picture.


I also bought myself an agate necklace and some earrings. Because when in Banff, buy something to remind you of Banff months later, when you need it the most. I asked the hotel if I might have a half hour extension on the check out, and they kindly agreed, so it gave me time to have that last bit of wander around. Then up the hill to the Banff Centre!

The room is lovely and spacious, and though there is a large desk against the wall, I have settled into a table by the window. I called a florist in town and ordered myself flowers (something alpine, please, I told them, and no lilies) and they arrived later in the afternoon. It’s a lovely big arrangement with pussy willows and pine sprigs, so I get a whiff of pine from time to time as I work.


It took a chunk of the afternoon to get unpacked and settled and then to set up my desk for work. I’ve got a plan for the week. Thursday is ‘starry night walk and bonfire’ night, according to Community Services, so I’ve signed up for that, too. Bonfire in the mountains? Oh, yes, please!


Hopefully this is the start of a really productive week. Now – to dinner!

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